French gardens to visit in Loire Valley

The french garden of Valmer - Loire Chateaux, France French gardens to visit © Stevens Frémont

The significant tradition of gardens in Loire Valley was established during the Renaissance. With the peace that began when weapons were finally set aside, the fortresses evolved into vast estates where gardens became a new living area, genuine outdoor living rooms.  

Far from being copies of each other, they have cultivated their own distinct personalities! Take an amazing journey through the verdant gardens of Loire Valley and enter the mysterious dreamland of artists and authors where gardens have been the keepers of secrets and witnesses to love affairs throughout the ages. 

Villandry, the most famous french garden

With the need for defences gone, the rich and powerful suddenly found themselves vying to create magnificent parks. The most famous among them is the Villandry estate, globally renowned for its kitchen garden, medicinal herb garden, and water garden.

The french garden of Villandry. Loire Valley, France.

The french gardens in Loire Valley: an amazing selection

An amazing selection of gardens is waiting to be discovered:

The french garden of Valmer, with Alix de Saint Venant   Chédigny, the unique village-garden of France
Le Rivau, a contemporary garden near Chinon   The french garden of Villandry

A french garden to visit? Here's the map of Loire Valley gardens!

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