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Published on 04/12/2017

Vouvray wine

Read on if you’re planning to open a bottle or two of Vouvray wine during the upcoming holiday festivities, or for any other special occasion. Here’s a quick primer on this appellation at the heart of the Loire Valley vineyards.

Published on 26/11/2017

Tours Cathedral

The south tower of Tours Cathedral stands 69 metres tall, the north tower a mere 68 metres. Although its impressive size means the monument can be seen from afar, it is also well worth a closer look. Let’s go and see!

Published on 12/11/2017

Galerie.B: art to accompany your meal

Returning to his home territory, chef David Béguin has opened a chic bistrot where food-lovers come to relish world cuisine while admiring the canvases and sculptures around them. This place impresses on all fronts…

Published on 04/11/2017

Wine bars: top tips for a tipple!

Alongside the 110 wine cellars to visit in Tours Loire Valley, there’s a whole host of wine bars where you can sample a few expertly chosen vintages from the Vallee de la Loire vineyards. Here are our top 5.

Published on 16/10/2017

A getaway in Richelieu, the cardinal’s city

In 1630, there was only a modest village on these lands,but that all changed in 1631! Major work was undertaken, to build a city and a castle for the purpose of establishing the power of the principal: Cardinal Richelieu!

Published on 20/08/2017

Château Gaillard

Everything grows in France’s garden…even oranges! Come and see for yourself at Château Gaillardin Amboise: a new must-visit whilst exploring the Loire châteaux!

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