Hiking trails from 3 to 15 km

Hiking trails in Loire Valley, France. Hiking trails from 3 to 15 km © David Darrault

The Departemental Council of Touraine, along with the Tourism Board and the Hiking Council, are pleased to present you with a special collection of 25 hiking trails.

They have been selected according to the following criteria:

  • architectural interest,
  • beauty of the landscape,
  • ease of access for all and especially for families,
  • carefully laid out markings,
  • and services available nearby. 

Hiking trails to download

Ranging in length from 3 to 15 km, these easy hikes are ideal for family nature outings. Brochures describing each of these hikes are available at every Tourist Office in Touraine, and can also be downloaded from the below link.

Hiking trails in Loire Valley, France.
 Hiking trail: Avon-les-Roches - 13km  Hiking trail: Braye-sur-Maulne - 11km
 Hiking trail: Champigny-sur-Veude - 11km  Hiking trail: Chenonceaux - 8km
 Hiking trail: Gizeux - 4km  Hiking trail: Le Grand-Pressigny - 9km
 Hiking trail: Candes-St-Martin - 3,5km  Hiking trail: Bueil-en-Touraine - 10km
 Hiking trail: Vernou-sur-Brenne - 6,5km  Hiking trail: Seuilly - 8km
 Hiking trail: Esvres-sur-Indre - 10km  Hiking trail: Cléré-les-Pins - 13km
 Hiking trail: Puy du Chinonais - 3,5km  Hiking trail: Bréhémont - 12km
 Hiking trail: Panzoult - 10km  Hiking trail: Saint-Ouen-les-Vignes - 8km
 Hiking trail: Genillé - 15km  Hiking trail: Azay-sur-Cher - 10km
 Hiking trail: Chédigny - 8/13km  Hiking trail: Nouans-les-Fontaines - 12km
 Hiking trail: Louroux - 5,2km  Hiking trails of Candé: "Santiago Drake del Castillo" (3km) & "In the shade of ancient oaks" (4,5 km)
 Hiking trail: Cormery - 3km  Hiking trail: Crissay-sur-Manse - 14km
 Hiking trail: Loches (7,5km) 

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Published on 18/10/2013

Cléré-les-Pins: a stunning autumnal 13km hike

A little footpath amongst woodland, moorland, meadows and lakes…are you picturing a hike in Epinal? Think again, this is Cléré-les-Pins in Touraine!

Long distance walks: G.R.3 and the Saint Martin trails

The G.R.3 trail (the Loire on foot trail) follows the natural course of the Loire river for nearly 1,250 kilometres, from its source at Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc (07) to its mouth at La Baule (44). In Touraine, the trail passes near several points of interest:Chinon castle, Azay-le-Ri (...)

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