Christiane Mason, owner of Pâtisserie Bigot in Amboise. The shop, established in 1913, is a must-visit for gourmet enthusiasts!

Tourism in Loire Valley : Christiane Mason, owner of Pâtisserie Bigot in Amboise Christiane Mason, pâtisserie Bigot in Amboise
Your first memory

My very first? On June 12th 1949, arriving in Amboise on a summer Sunday. I believe I recall thinking "it's so lovely here, I'm going to stay!".

Name a place  

In the morning, rather early, when I arrive on the right bank: the Loire is cloaked in mist, the city takes shape... the silhouette of the monuments with the rising sun in the background... it's magical! I often stop to admire. I never get tired of it, each second of this sight is like a gift.

Name a person you have met  

People I have met... there are so many in Amboise and at the shop! We are lucky enough to travel around the world in a single day with our clients. Each meeting is moving, because I am very touched by the fact that tourists travel so far in order to experience our region. I literally go to seventh heaven when customers from around the world tell us how lucky we are to live in such an adorable city and in a fabulous region! And then there are the expressions of gourmet enthusiasts looking at the window display: the joy of childhood... 

Tell us about an unforgettable moment

It's hard to pick one, but the evening of July 4th 1976 during the finale of the first performance of the Renaissance show "A la cour du Roy François" at the Amboise castle... we had organised it with around a hundred friends. We had to close the doors because there were so many attendees. The evening was really emotional! Old stones really do have a soul! 

A pleasant surprise

The dedication from my grandmother in the guestbook: "Because everything always starts over again... what we have done will be a new source of passion."

Name a savour

A scent rather... the smell of bread coming out of my grandfather's oven. And all the savours that my wonderful occupation provides!  

A photo opportunity 

The last sunbeams shining on the chapel of the castle as the sun sets over the Loire. Old stones in those magical autumn moments ... It's a shame but I'm not very good at (nor equipped for) catching these precious moments on camera.


The joy of the holiday season is also about the tender pleasure of good chocolates! In Touraine, there is a place that sweets and cocoa enthusiasts never miss, and this for nearly a century: the Bigot shop, in Amboise. Established in 1913, it is among the city's most renowned shops. Located just below the royal castle, the window display is a tribute to sweet treats... Along with the pastries, the range of chocolates will delight you: "Amboisines", muscadines, Pushkin truffles (vodka of course), "Leonardo da Vinci" (a close neighbour, as Clos Lucé is just a short distance away), or "Paola" (the name of the owner's daughter)... everything is made on site. Delicious!           


"La Pâtisserie Bigot"

Place du château   

37400 – Amboise

Phone: +033 (0)2 47 57 04 46

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