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Accommodation in Loire Valley, France. Loire Valley accommodation

The great thing about travelling is knowing that you will be comfortably welcomed upon arrival. True to our reputation, hospitality is one of the pillars of Touraine’s tourism industry, whether you are planning a trip with your significant other, friends or family. 

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You can chose from a plethora of available accommodation to suit any taste and budget. Whether you are interested in accommodation along the Loire à vélo trail, a stay in the countryside or in the lively centres of Tours, Amboise or Chinon, you can expect a friendly welcome and advice.

Hotels and castle-hotels, campsites, vacation houses, bed & breakfast, holiday complexes, gypsy caravans or tree house accommodation... in Touraine Loire Valley, the choice is entirely yours.

Huttopia campsite - Accommodation in Loire Valley, France.

A magical stay in a french castle-hotel

Touraine has over fifteen of these fabulous chateau-hotels (la Tortinière, chateau de Pray, chateau de Marçay, chateau de Rochecotte, chateau de Noizay, chateau de Reignac, domaine de Beauvois, la Bourdaisière, le Haut des Lys, le chateau du golf des Sept Tours...) that the Loire Valley is known for. Expect spacious, cosy rooms, terraces with garden views, room service to attend to your every need, candlelit dinners... to describe what’s in store for you during your stay in one of these exceptional establishments, a few words come to mind: luxury, peace and exquisite delight!

Looking for a a castle bed and breakfast? Here is the answer!

Experience the troglodyte life

Out of the ordinary, trips in Touraine Loire Valley include the fascinating troglodyte experience. The hillsides of the river valleys are composed of very soft limestone that is riddled with a multitude of cavities called troglodyte caves. These caves are the result of the extensive quarrying that was carried out in order to provide the necessary stone to build the castles. At present, these troglodyte caves have been transformed into accommodation that are off the beaten path. Luxury hotels and cosy bed & breakfast rooms are a charming option for a comfortable night nestled in the rocks of Touraine (Indre-et-Loire). Unforgettable!

Troglododo hotel - Accommodation in Loire Valley, France

A natural experience in campsites

Close to a Loire chateau like the Citadelle and Loire et Chateaux, near a town like Airotel la Mignardière and Onlycamp Tours Val de Loire, or in the middle of the countryside like the Parc de Fierbois, the Coteaux du lac, the Arada Parc and Huttopia... discover all the campsites.   

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